Business and Fundraising Team-
This team manages interactions between the team and our sponsors, including recognition of sponsors at our events and functions. This team also generates our yearly business plan and develops and maintains a strategy for sustainability of the program.

Public Relations Team-
This team plans outreach programs such as press releases, public events, presentations, and newsletter updates. They are also responsible for developing the team identity including uniforms and themes.

Media Team-
This team focuses on documenting the journey of our team in video and pictures. They also manage our website which includes detailed calendar entries and announcements of special events and activities.

Mechanical Team-
This team would focus on developing mechanical aspects of the robot, including drive train, chassis and game piece handling hardware. This team is also responsible for mechanical part manufacturing and assembly of the specified and manufactured hardware. The mechanical team works in concert with the electrical team during the test and debug phase of the build cycle.

Electrical Team-
This team would focus on the implementation of all electronics on the robot, most of which will now be contained in our single modular control box. Programming of the robot is also handled by the electrical team. The electrical team works in concert with the mechanical team during the test and debug phase of the build cycle.

Strategy and Scout Team-
This team builds a scouting database at each event so we can go into our matches with knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of our alliance partners and opposition. They are responsible for communication of this data to the drive team.

Drive Team-
The drive team is responsible for control of the robot during match play. They have the responsibility to understand all features and modes of operation of the developed robot. They must be aware of all rules and scoring opportunities as defined by the FIRST provided rules of the game. The drive team has primary responsibility for communications with alliance teams prior to each match to jointly decide on strategies that will be deployed.

Spirit Team-
This team, headed up by our team mascot, helps keep the level of excitement at peak levels. Understanding and believing that we are all working toward the same goals, and that having fun while doing so is important to team success. This is the message the Spirit Team embodies.