Community Outreach

FIRST, although generally recognized as a robotics program, is much more than that. The building of a robot is only one way FIRST achieves its central goal of inspiring student participation in science and technology. Community activism is encouraged by the FIRST organization. To this end, Apple Pi Robotics makes a point of giving back to our community.

Chick Day 2011
Apple Pi’s community service programs embrace our agricultural roots while promoting science, math and engineering disciplines; doing robotics demonstrations at 4H fairs, Guilford town fairs, Chick Days at a local
feed supply store, and donkey and pony shows at Bishops Orchard keep us in touch with the community that supports our team. We also make a point of making an impact on younger children, which is arguably the core of FIRST, by demonstrating our robot to local Brownie Troops, the Melissa Jones after school program, and by starting our very own FIRST Lego League team in 2011.

BBQ Pit MenuWe have done free car washes for the elderly and hosted Cruise Nights, where our robot delivers the barbecue pit “menu for the evening” to members of the community who gather to display their classic cars. These summer events have become very popular in the town over the last few years and provide a great venue for Apple Pi to promote our organization, its’ values and also aids in the recruitment process for new members.


In 2011, we undertook a very worthwhile project that has special meaning to our organization. The founder of Apple Pi Robotics, Al Bishop, offered to make a very generous donation to the Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders. He asked that as a team we find a way to fundraise and match his donation. We are pleased to report that we not only met, but exceeded the challenge, ultimately making a donation of $1000 dollars to the institute.

Overall, FIRST is about the community. A good team will do well in competition, but a great team will do well in competition while also spreading the message of FIRST through community activities.